Founders – Team

Chief Patron: Lord Rami Ranger of Mayfair CBE:

It is a great honour for Lord Rami to be our organisation’s our Chief Patron.  No more appropriate figure could have this very important post as Lord Rami is not only a legendary UK BAME, Indian community businessman, but equally renowned for his work across decades for good causes, building an inclusive multicultural Britain, and for Community. 

For more about Lord Rami, please read here.


Pritheepal Singh: Initiator, Trustee/Director and CEO

Pritheepal is a respected figure in the domains of both community leadership and increasingly in that with trade and business with India and its subcontinent. His networks are extensive from the grassroots base of the community and into leaders in business and politics. These are combined with a passion to not just talking the talk but also walking the walk where the community voice and related makers of humanity and justness, are concerned; successful delivery, not just empty words.

He believes fundamentally in being an effective pioneer, entrepreneur, and team leader as well as an experienced mobiliser, advocate, and above all a team builder reaching out, where needed, to those with particular fields of expertise and experience needed to deliver community solutions, business opportunities and bi-lateral trade with India. He is also a volunteer for the Hampshire and Dorset area for the High Commission of India (HCI).

Pritheepal also has a wealth of experience liaising and working with and within the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom and India and has facilitated engagement between police agencies and communities at the senior levels required both within and between the UK and India. This included national universities seeking to enhance their research opportunities and international relationships in the criminal justice system. 

Pritheepal officially represents in the UK and Western Europe, regarding partnerships and recruitment, Raksha Shakti University, and the National Forensic Sciences University (both of which are based in Gujarat, India).

As an entrepreneur, entertainments promoter within the arts and culture world and higher education coordinator Pritheepal has over the years developed numerous international links, specifically within India and its subcontinent.
Good business, community development and self-empowerment go hand in hand is a core belief of Pritheepal: “I see trade and business directly linked with the community benefitting whether here in the UK or in India”

Pritheepal is also a member of the Bournemouth Christchurch Poole (BCP) Council’s Equality Action Commission (EAC).


Harjap Singh: Trustee/Director

Chair of the Council of Southampton Gurdwaras, businessman.  

Alan Mercel-Sanca: Trustee/Director

Alan (dual heritage: South American on his father’s side of the family, and fluent in French further to living in Paris for a number of years) is proud to be one of the Founders and a Director at OCHD.  He is CEO of the UK Nepal Friendship Society, whose official patron is H.E. the Ambassador of Nepal to the UK, and also a director at the Ireland – Nepal Chamber of Commerce (INCC). 

He is a published writer, and has an international record as an artist specialising in drawing as a main artistic medium.  Alan is a greatly respected equality & diversity specialist and champion for Diversity and Diverse Communities, and building a diverse inclusive multicultural multiracial Britain: he has had a number of papers published for Parliamentary Select Committees (Womeq, JCHR, etc.), and has a consultancy business — Dhaaranaa Ltd — covering, equality & inclusion, education, international trade & business furtherance.

Dr Annie Anika: General Secretary


Dr. Annie Ankita  (General Secretary, One Community Hampshire and Dorset) Biotechnologist Former Assistant Professor  Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture Technology and Sciences


Deepika Kaur: Communications & IT Coordinator

Deepika (OCHD Communications & IT Coordinator) graduated from Kurukshetra University (Haryana, India) with a BCA Bachelor in Computer Application (Grade 1), and subsequently worked for two years at the National Institute of Management Technology (NIMT) in Kurukshetra. She is Bournemouth-based and completing her Masters degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at Bournemouth University.